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Ceres Powers SteelCell Technology Makes Major Advancements

Ceres Power Holdings plc (AIM: CWR) is pleased to announce that the latest iteration of the SteelCell platform (version 4) has been released to customers on time and on budget, reinforcing the Company’s reputation for successfully executing against its technology roadmap. Higher power density and start-up timescales compatible with vehicle applications have been proven, making the platform increasingly commercially attractive in a growing number of markets.

Ceres Power’s existing and potential partners will benefit from SteelCell version 4, and with further exciting core technology developments on-going, the Company fully expects further improved iterations of the SteelCell platform to be released going forward. The net electrical efficiencies now being delivered led to an award from the US Department of Energy, which will see Ceres Power working with global power leader, Cummins, in the development of technology for the emergent data centre market.